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The Road Forward - 2016 Update

A short while back the OMP team was a group of rouge digital marketing veterans that happened to meet on occasion at various industry events. One VERY late night at a search marketing conference the friends pondered the idea of extending the good times by forming an agency and working together on a daily basis. While it was a suggestion made in passing, at first, the group realized the potential value of combining each of their honed and unique skillsets. An agency that could conquer the gamut of content, amplification, conversion, technical marketing, scale, social reputation, local, brand, paid search, native advertising and organic search challenges. The unification of such a team would create a marketing unicorn that the business world had yet to discover.

After the late night "haze" wore off and the conference continued, the group kept coming back to the agency idea and decided it was worth a shot. Over the next few months, a plan was put into place and OMP was formed as a stealth marketing agency. The group would use their network to seek out enterprise clients with next level search and marketing challenges.

It wasn't long before the newly formed agency was taking on new clients and making a name among the corporate elite. Word of mouth spread, and within a year of forming, the company had reached capacity with a healthy backlog of business.

The agency set out to serve interesting clients with challenging problems and thus far the mission has been an overwhelming success. The plan was to start out in stealth mode as a test run that would limit the upfront time costs, if successful, create a public brand.

That plan has been nixed!

OMP will stay in stealth mode. What you see here is all that will be. There will be no public face. It is not necessary. The group has no plans to scale and dilute the quality delivered by its core team.

If an opportunity arises for new work the agency will post availability and contact information on this page. If you are interested in securing the services of OMP as a new client you should bookmark this page and use a page monitor from the chrome web store for updates. Until then, it would be best consider other options. For quality services you can start by looking for a marketing agency here or a consultant here. Your interest in OMP is humbling and appreciated!